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Think You've Got Talent? Show It Here.

A Showcase for Unsigned Talent is the one-stop shop for people who think they have talent to show their stuff and to receive positive motivation, encouragement and support. Do you sing like a songbird? Dance? Rap? Act? Model? Juggle with your feet? Make people laugh with your own brand of comedy? Traditional or "odd", whatever it is, if you think you've got talent, we want to showcase you here for all the world to see, give those looking for talent a chance to find you and encourage and support you to continue to pursue your dreams.

Whether you hope to get "discovered", land a local gig or two, or simply want to show the masses you "doing what you do"--send us your videos. You're the star and we're inviting the public, industry insiders and local talent seekers to check you out. Check out the details here.

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Talent. Chance. Opportunity.

The Foot Wright Foundation & Showcase Charities

PartnersThe mission of The Foot Wright Foundation and Showcase Charities is to celebrate talent, create a chance and cultivate opportunity across the country. Celebrating and supporting artistic expression and creating opportunities for those who have a dream to enable them to pursue it is a large part of what we do. It is our core belief that talent of all types must be nurtured, encouraged and supported in a variety of ways--and it is through the efforts of The Foot Wright Foundation and Showcase Charities that we intend to do just that.

We'll provide updates, news and information on the activities, projects and events of The Foot Wright Foundation and Showcase Charities here--as well as relay information on how you can get involved to support, nurture and encourage talent in your neck of the woods. It doesn't matter how big or how small the effort, because after all, it doesn't matter what or how much you do---it's just important that you do something.

The Showcase Tour

• Myrtle Beach SC
Dates Announced Soon

• Savannah, GA
Dates Announced Soon

• Atlanta, GA
Dates Announced Soon

• Nashville, TN
Dates Announced Soon

• Panama City, FL
Dates Announced Soon

• Summer Dates
To Be Announced Soon!

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